YK61 60% Gaming Keyboard

YK61 60% Gaming Keyboard


Product Description


61 Keys RGB Gaming Keyboard Made of ABS material Keyboard size: 11.5 x 4.0 x 1.6 inches,easy to carry Port: USB wired connect, plug & play Compatible with Mac OS,Win2000,Win XP,Win ME,Vista,Win7,Win8,Win10,Linux,PS4,Xbox. RGB Backlit Modes Fn+M:8 kinds of monochrome light switching mode Fn+K:RGB streamer light switching mode Fn+I:Backlight offon,cyclic switching Fn+O and Fn+L:Adjust the backlight brightness,5 levels adjustable Fn+U and Fn+J:Adjust the backlight speed. Switching of Composite Function Keys: Fn+ = Esc, Fn+1=F1, Fn+2=F2 Fn+3=F3, Fn+4=F4, Fn+5=F5 Fn+6=F6, Fn+7=F7, Fn+8=F8 Fn+9=F9, Fn+0=F10, Fn+ =F11 Fn+ = F12, Fn+Back=Delete, Fn+R=Volume down Fn+T=Volume up, Fn+Y=Volume mute Package 1x Gaming keyboard 1x English user manual


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