HXSJ J100 One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB

HXSJ J100 One-Handed Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB


Product Description


  • Wonderful shining backlight
  • The keyboard has 5 kinds of light effect, you can customize its backlight through software application. For mouse, there are bright color showing returns, giving you good visual effect. You can effortlessly enhance your gaming experience in a way that is unique only to you.
  • Gamers' first choice
  • 35 keys, USB wired, advanced mechanical switch technology, crisp typing sound gives you more pleasant sensation.
  • Durability material
  • Stricter requirements applied for each keyboard produced, it is not discolored and more wear-resistant.
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fit for you hands and wrist, provide a comfortable condition, simplify the complex operation procedure, long-term use without fatigue.
  • Mini & portable
  • Mini keyboard design, you could operate by single hand. Small and lightweight mouse, easy to carry. Smart connection, plug and play.


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