Portable Handheld 125KHz RFID ID Card Writer Copier

Portable Handheld 125KHz RFID ID Card Writer Copier


Product Description

  • ★This type of chip card is empty when it leaves the factory and needs to be written before it can be read. Support writing chip: T5577/EM4305/5200/8265/8268/8800. Support reading chip: TK4100/EM4100/EM4200/TK4100-D.
  • ★You can get the same pair of HID and ID cards for more purposes, such as access control identification, attendance check, etc.
  • ★Independent operation, no need to connect to computer / PC. Built-in transceiver antenna, high sensitivity and fast reading and writing speed. Handheld shape design, 2 buttons for simple operation, comfortable to use.
  • ★Built-in individual LED lights and buzzer indicator to indicate the procedure of your operation. Supports EM4100 EM4200 versions. Support 125Khz EM4100 / EM410X or compatible card /tag format only (HID standard NOT compatible!).
  • ★Please use a blank card, then write data, read data. Chips that support writing: T5577/EM4305/5200/8265/8268/8800. Chips that support reading: TK4100/EM4100/EM4200/TK4100-D.




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