eMylo Smart 1-Phase Digital Energy Meter 60A

eMylo Smart 1-Phase Digital Energy Meter 60A


Product Description


  • 【Remotely & Voice Control】eMylo Smart 1-phase Digital Energy Meter could be used remotely control connecting on/off with appliances anywhere any time through smart phone or tablet PC. Also it is compatible with Alexa and Google home, be able to control devices through voice command.
  • 【Timing Function】Setting up home appliance timing turn on/ off automatically anytime anywhereby smart phone or tablet PC. For example, when you need to heat the water up before you are home to take a bath, just set up to heat up the water 20 minutes. It is save time to wait.
  • 【Real-time Monitoring】Checking the real time voltage, current, power on LCD display or Smarphone tablet PC APP, then you could realize the which electricity of home appliances more clearly, help you resaonable manage electricity to save the money.
  • 【More safety and Durable】eMylo Smart 1-phase Digital Energy Meter uses high quality eco-friendly flame-resistant ABS, with good anti-electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, high precision, high overload, high stability, anti-stealing, make sure the safty and life time of energy meter.
  • 【Highest Precision】Using high quality chipset and sensor, large scale integrated circuit and SMT technology to make sure accurate measurement of smart energy meter, error can be controled within 0.3%.


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