DIGITUS USB-C Universal Docking Station, 8-Port  da-70884

DIGITUS USB-C Universal Docking Station, 8-Port da-70884


Product Description


  • The USB docking station can be connected to your notebook using USB 3.0 Gen-1 type-C connection and can be used to charge the laptop thanks to the USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 connection (max. 100 watts)
  • Two HDMI connections mean that two monitors can be operated in parallel while displaying different content, provided that the device supports DisplayPort Alternate Mode (DP-Alt modes) and the MST protocol
  • One USB-C and three USB 3.0 type-A sockets can be used to transfer data and connect peripheral devices. The device also features an RJ45 socket for Gigabit Ethernet
  • When using the USB type C socket to charge the notebook, it can no longer be used to connect additional peripheral devices
  • Audio signals are transmitted to the loudspeaker integrated in the screen via the HDMI interfaces - The two card readers can operate independently of each other


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