Antec RGB Case Fan P12 Series 3 Packs

Antec RGB Case Fan P12 Series 3 Packs


Product Description


  • Extreme airflow (60.4 CFM) and superior air pressure (1.29 mmH₂O) thanks to the design of 9 fan blades
  • Long life (40,000 hours): sealed hydraulic bearing, two-stage sealing mechanism, prevents dust and lubricating oil leakage while increasing the operating stability of the fan.
  • Water wave light: matte surface design of fan blade shows the light effect of waves.
  • Addressable RGB LED Lighting: with 8 independent programmable ARGB LED lights, provides full lighting for your construction and achieves magical lighting effects.
  • Independent power supply and light effect control: you need to connect 5V 3 pin ARGB interface and 4 pin PWM interface at the same time.


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