DR1TECH Raven Mechanical Keyboard RGB - Blue Switch

DR1TECH Raven Mechanical Keyboard RGB - Blue Switch


Product Description


  • RAVEN - THE MECHANICAL GAMING KEYBOARD - Raven combines speed and precision in a single keyboard, ideal for those looking for a professional gaming keyboard. The Raven keyboard has been tested to last over 20 million clicks, making it one of the most durable on the market.
  • 100% RGB - The Wasp keyboard is equipped with RGB backlit keys to offer sharp, precise lighting, without distractions: 14 lighting effects offer you a high degree of customization for your position in each gaming session
  • DESIGNED TO NEVER STOP - Raven's Anti-Ghosting function ensures that all present keys can be used simultaneously without any rolling or ghosting effects. Anti Ghosting increases game efficiency and, in particular situations, will be decisive for victory thanks to its dedicated buttons where you can memorize combos
  • COMPACT DESIGN 87 KEYS - Raven, with its 80% TenKeyLess (TKL) setup, allows you to have all the keys in a central position with respect to the seat and the screen. In this way, a significant saving of useful space is obtained to the right of the keyboard to be able to use the mouse on the pad more comfortably. Media keys and numpad are erased for a focus primarily on typing and the gaming side of the keyboard
  • VANGUARD of the EUROPEAN GAME - the passion and competence of the all-Italian DR1TECH team guarantee technologically advanced products with a modern and eye-catching design. the DR1TECH line is dedicated to all gamers, from beginners who want to start their online career to more experienced gamers who expect something more from their devices. In case of questions or unforeseen events, contact us and we will solve any need in the shortest possible time.
  • Connectivity Type: USB-a


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