YCCTEAM 2 Pack 1200 mAh Xbox One Controller Battery Pack

YCCTEAM 2 Pack 1200 mAh Xbox One Controller Battery Pack


Product Description


  • BUY A RECHARGEABLE BATTERY PACK: The Xbox One gamepad might be the best feature of Microsoft’s current console,but eventually, your Xbox controller is going to die, and you’re going to have to replace those batteries if you want to continue gaming. The most cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice is to buy rechargeable NiMH battery pack, unlike older disposable AA batteries, they can lasted up to 1000 rechargeable cycles, and when fully charged, it will maintain 8-10 hours of playtime
  • Game Controller Charger indicator: If you’re using multiple controllers and you need to check battery levels, go back to check your battery and red LED charge indicators to turn to green once controllers are fully charged. Finally, This battery pack for Xbox one has charging protection. When the battery is fully charged, you don't have to worry about damage to the controller even if you forget to remove the battery in time, this is a very safe product with CE/FCC/ROHS Certificates.
  • BUY A UPGRADED PLAY AND CHARGER KIT: We have designed this type of battery, the back cover and battery are integrated, it may be a good choice for the daredevil who often can not find the battery cover. At the same time, we upgraded its charger cable to charge two batteries, either on the controller or separately. Right now I would personally recommend you buy two sets once time, with space for all four in the charger, one pair can always be ready to go when the other is drained.
  • There Are Other Options Here: Regarding the controller charger for Xbox One , YCCTEAM has released a series of models with similar functions but different shapes to meet your different needs. Search for “YCCTEAM Controller Charger for Xbox One” at Amazon. They all support charging the Xbox One,Xbox One S, Xbox One X, Xbox One Elite wireless controller.
  • BUY IT NOW: You can get a reliable, high-quality battery pack that runs perfectly to charge your Xbox controllers. If you have any question with the YCCTEAM controller battery pack on pre-sale or after-sale, please feel free to contact us, all messages would be replied within 24 hours.


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