GuliKit Switch Dock Station Compatible with Nintendo Switch

GuliKit Switch Dock Station Compatible with Nintendo Switch


Product Description

  • [Compact and Portable Dock] - The perfect replacement for Nintendo Switch Dock. This lightweight and portable Switch Dock is less than half the size and weight of the original Nintendo dock. The size of 8.5cm* 8.5cm* 2.5cm makes it easy to put in the pocket. Built-in chip design structure is basically the same as original Switch Dock, it provide the same excellent working capability as the original dock. And GuliKit Dock support PD protocol like the original dock.
  • [Two working modes] - No worry about scratching the Switch, and you can see the whole Switch screen. Not only can throw picture to the big screen, but the Dock can also be used as a charging dock or just a stand. You can switch between the Switch display and the TV display through the button on the dock back. Then there is no need to unplug the AC adapter from the dock frequently. Although Switch Lite itself does not support video output, it can also be charged on the dock.
  • [Stand stable and reliable] - The big anti-slip mat on the Dock bottom prevents it from sliding around or falling over by accident. The magnetic dust cover protects the Dock's type-c connector, and can also be attached to the top as a backrest for Switch. There are air outlets on the Dock, which allow the suction port of the Switch to normally inhale air to prevent overheating.
  • [HD picture output] - This Switch dock supports 4K, 1080P and 720P video output (Nintendo Switch only supports 1080P). All output ports of the Dock are designed on the back to make the cables look more neatly arranged. There is an extra USB 3.0 port on the back, which can be used to connect wired controller, Bluetooth audio transmitter, Bluetooth controller adapter and other accessories.




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