80MM Bluetooth Thermal Printer Portable Receipt Machine Support ESC / POS Multi-Language For Windows Android IOS

80MM Bluetooth Thermal Printer Portable Receipt Machine Support ESC / POS Multi-Language For Windows Android IOS


Product Description

MTP - 3 portable bluetooth printer (small, beautiful, powerful)


With Llight display, support multiple languages, 20 double font switch function

Holster, belt buckle, USB cable, paper roll, battery charger, lithium battery

Quantity can be preferential

• support bluetooth superior function

Largest paper roll diameter: 80 mm

Acme, exquisitely deft structure design is easy to carry

• drag paper structure is easy to use, maintenance

• equipped with high-capacity rechargeable lithium battery 7.4 V, 2500 ma

The height 1.2 meters, cement resistance to fall off

• a variety of optional cable wireless interface

• support the client local program to upgrade

• equipped with Windows PC driver

Equipped with WM, the Android platform, such as presentation software and dynamic link library

Accessories list 

holster, belt buckle, batteries, USB cable, paper roll, charger

Detailed specification

  • Line thermal printing way
  • Printing speed is 100 mm/SEC
  • Effective print width of 80 mm
  • Density of 8 / mm, 384 / line
  • ANK printed character: 8 x 16, 12 x 24 GBK: 16 x 16, 24 x 24
  • GBK character/line ANK: 48, 32, 24, and 16
  • Paper type thermal label paper
  • Paper 30 ~ 60 mm wide
  • The paper roll diameter: the largest 50 mm
  • The paper roll core diameter 15 mm (minimum)
  • The paper is 0.12 mm thick
  • Simple paper feeding way on paper
  • The print head life 100 kilometers
  • Bar codes - 1 D: UPC - A, UPC - E, EAN 13, EAN - 8, CODE39, ITF25, CODABAR, CODE93, CODE128
  • 2 - D: QR Code
  • Instruction set ESC/POS
  • Interface of USB, bluetooth
  • Power AC00-250 - v / 1.0 A
  • Battery DC7.4 V, 1.5 A rechargeable lithium batteries
  • Weight 197 grams (excluding paper roll, including the battery)
  • Installation dimensions (WxLxH) 99.0 * 136.6 * 51.0 mm
  • Working temperature - 10 ~ 50 ° C
  • Storage temperature - 20 ~ 70 ° C
  • Work 20 ~ 85% humidity
  • Store humidity 5 ~ 95%


Application field

• copy watch - utility fee

- at the scene of the car insurance, insurance fee fast

Inventory, warehousing, inventory/transfers/in-out warehouse

• parking charge - confirm the parking time statistics

• logistics - express transport invoice/registration for goods

• mobile ticket sales - / fast consumer goods such as mobile marketing

Police tong - police/urban management/business field law enforcement/health supervision

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