Smart WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor

Smart WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor


Product Description


Smart WiFi Temperature Humidity Monitor Wireless Temperature Humidity Sensor with TUYA APP Notification Alerts WiFi Thermometer

  • WIFI THERMOMETER HYGROMETER -- SMART APP ALERT: Wireless temperature sensor WiFi Connects with 2.4 GHz WiFi (doesn't support 5G WiFi), you can remotely monitor temperature and humidity. You'll receive a notification alert once temperature or humidity is out of preset range. Smart thermometer Hygrometer can help you effectively adjust situation of your wine cellar, greenhouse, basement or other places in time.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALEXA AND GOOGLE HOME--VOICE CONTROL: WiFi temperature sensor supports Alexa to ask for temperature and humidity. Wall temperature gauge indoor works with Alexa, Google Assistant, for home automation. Turn ON/OFF the humidifier, air conditioner for your desired condition.
  • INTELLIGENT LINKAGE FUNCTION: When the environment changes, Alexa thermometer indoor can also perform intelligent linkage. For instance, when the ambient temperature surpass 30℃, the air-conditioner open automatically. Or when the ambient humidity lower 20%RH, the humidifier will spray, it can also linkage with smart light, make your home smarter.
  • ALWAYS ACCURATE & DUAL DISPLAY METHODS: The Swiss-made sensor monitors the environment reliably and 24/7. Manage the temperature and humidity in the most accurate way. WiFi thermometer hygrometer is equipped with clear LCD screen, You can check the current temperature humidity on LCD display, or you can get current and historic data via app.



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