GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller

GameSir X2 Type-C Mobile Gaming Controller


Product Description

Born for E-Sports

In e-sports, we must race against time, because even the slightest delay can turn the situation around.Therefore, in order to create the most advantageous situation for players, GameSir X2 uses a wired connection,which greatly reduces the time required for the device's signal to reach the mobile phone. With almost no delay input, you can control the situation at any time without leaving the opponent's chance.


Unique Patent—Movable Type-C Plug

Are you worried that the charging port will be damaged or the plug will be broken when you install the phone?Don't worry, our GameSir team has applied an exclusive and innovative patent on GameSir X2,which is the adjustable Type-C plug. Its' adjustable range is up to 51°, which allows you to plug and unplug your mobile phone at ease, and protect it from damage.

The Most Trusted Partner of Gamers

GameSir X2 is determined to become the most trusted partner of players in the game,so we have worked hard on quality and improving the users using experience. For example, the micro switch buttons with a service life of 3 million times,and the soft rubber grip that can provide a comfortable hand-held feeling. These are the designs of GameSir X2 in order to provide gamers with excellent gaming experience.

Cloud Gaming is the Future

The emergence of cloud gaming may be a sign of a change in future games, and GameSir X2 is ready for this.Support multiple popular cloud gaming platforms such as Microsoft's xCloud, Google's stadia, and Vortex, etc.GameSir X2 is now compatible with most cloud games and can bring you an outstanding experience.

G-Touch is Now Ready to Go

No need to install drivers or jailbreak. The exclusive GameSir G-Touch technology allows gaming peripherals to control the game by actively simulating finger touch signals and transmitting them to your mobile phone.


  • Model: GameSir X2 Type-C
  • UPC: 754909920876
  • In the Box: GameSir X2 / User Manual / Stickers / Thank you letter
  • Working Platform: Android, Cloud Gaming
  • Connection: Wired Type-C
  • Working Protocol: HID-Gamepad
  • Battery: No
  • Material: PC+ABS
  • Charging Port: Type-C USB
  • Charging Protocol: PD


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