Motospeed Gk82 2.4Ghz Wired Wireless Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard

Motospeed Gk82 2.4Ghz Wired Wireless Dual Mode Mechanical Keyboard


Product Description

Motospeed GK82 2.4Ghz Wired Wireless Dual Mode Mechanical keyboard Green Shaft

Feature: Supports six kinds of LED lighting effects: Ever-bright, cross-flow, longitudinal flow, gradually bright horse, follow the light, no light

Supporting full-key non-punching.

Wired mode USB operating voltage: +5V +5%, maximum current: 100mA

2. 4G mode lithium battery operating voltage 3.7V-1300MAH, using maximum current: 80MA

In wireless mode, the lights are fully lit, and the usage time of block letters is: 50 hours (interval use); when the lights are turned off, the usage time of block letters is: 500 hours (interval use).

When the power switch is turned on and the power is on, the blue light of the code indicator is turned on and off, indicating that the power is on.

2.4 G mode pairing: simultaneously pressing ESC+= long pressing 3 seconds to start the code (low-power blue indicator lights are always on), inserting receivers like 10 seconds, then indicating the blue light is off if the code is successful; the code fails, and the keyboard exits the code mode after 10 seconds, and the LED goes out.

In 2.4 G mode, when keyboard is pressed without keys, it will automatically enter dormant mode for 1-2 minutes, and can wake up with any keys.

Cable mode: When the data line is connected to the computer, it automatically converts to cable mode.

Note: Apple computer system, when using FN key combination function, can only use the player, volume add/subtract, last song, next song, mute.

  • Operating System: WINXP/VISTA/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 Apple Operating System
  • Ergonomics: support
  • Body color: black
  • Keyboard Type: High Keyboard Cap Step Design
  • Number of keys: 87 keys, using two-color key cap technology.
  • Domestic mechanical switch, durable, transparent cover, with a wide range of luminous diffusion
  • Type-C Data Line Length: 1.50M + 1%, 3.0mm, Five-core shielded magnetic loop
  • Operating life: 50,000,000 times
  • Package Weight: 870g
  • Package Size: 39.5x17.5x5.5cm



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