WiFi Smart Infrared Remote Control Hub

WiFi Smart Infrared Remote Control Hub


Product Description


Maybe you want your appliances and devices with smart home function, but considering the price of changing all the devices to smart phones.

With UFO-R1 Smart Remote Control, you can make smart home appliances but not change your devices. Our remote control will replace all other controls and delivery convenience.

Place an order now, and enjoy your smart home life with the UFO-R1. It will bring you a big surprise.


[Infrared Remote Control]

Control various home appliances, such as air conditioners, fans, TV, set-top boxes, etc. The distance is less than 8 meters.

[Voice control]

With Google Home, Amazon Alexa. You can say, "Alexa, set the air conditioning temperature to 26", your smart assistant will help you do that.

[Operate via APP]

Download tuya or smart home APP, you can control your appliances remotely in your smartphone. Like adjusting the air conditioner temperature on your way home, turning on the TV, and switching TV channels. Timing function is available.

[Function Techniques]

If the UFO-R1 Controller fails to communicate with other controllers, use the Learning function to help solve this problem.

[Easy to Use]

Plug the cable into the UFO-R1, download the APP to your smartphone, when set up successfully, point the controller to your devices, then it will work.

[share device]

Share a key to your family, many applications control one UFO-R1 remote control. One raw app control many devices.


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