TECKIN Smart Socket 16 A

TECKIN Smart Socket 16 A


Product Description


  • Easy remote control with an app. Control your home from anywhere and at any time with your tablet or smartphone through the Smart-Life app, and you can control as many intelligent sockets at the same time.
  • Voice control with Google Home------The smart Wi-Fi socket supports Google Home and Alexa. After successful activation, you start a new device search via an app or alternatively via voice command.
  • Flexible schedules and timer functions: create schedules for the socket with your smartphone and set up, turn your devices on and off automatically at different times, also avoid unnecessary standby runs.
  • Power consumption control for energy saving------This smart socket provides real-time reports on how much energy your devices consume. Meets all safety requirements - overload protection, over-temperature protection, and hot-plug protection. (Maximum current 16 A).
  • Intelligent socket for your smart home. In addition to lights, you can also integrate all other electrical devices into your smart home. All members of the family can also control the device with a smart socket, and it can also save energy consumption.



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